HiFlo Valves
My troughs have both 20mm & 25mm threaded inlets, does your Hansen Valve come in both sizes?
Yes each Hansen Valve comes with the required components to install in 20mm or 25mm threaded inlets. This of course means you only have to buy one valve for all sized inlets.
Will the higher flow cost me more to run my pump?
No, because the Hansen Valve is more efficient than what you are used to. The reduced operating pressure required will equate to higher flows at lower pressures at your pump which in turn will reduce pumping time and cost.
At present I get valve bounce in my troughs, will your valve stop this?
Yes, valve bounce is created from high flows at high pressures, because our Hansen Valve delivers higher flows than other valves it will effectively reduce line pressure which in return will reduce the incidences of this problem also reducing water hammer.
I have problems with having to forever clean my valves as my water supply can get dirty at times, how will the Hansen Valve handle these conditions?
We have designed the Hansen Valve to work in either clean or dirty water situations.
What pressure can I run my Hansen Valve at?
The Hansen Valve will operate from 0.2bar to 12bar.
The valves I have at present have a tendency to jam open or closed costing me time and either a bog around my trough or no available water for my stock, will your valve stop this problem?
Yes the Hansen Valve has a new patent pending “Slipper Fit Piston” design seal assembly to minimise this problem.