Field Days

Hansen celebrated yet another successful year and was greeted with kinder weather at this year’s sunny Northland Fieldays. Continued interest in Hansen's innovative and ever expanding product range drew customers to the Hansen tent to discuss their needs with specialist Hansen staff on site. Product feedback continued to be positive with some remarkable stories of the success of Hansen Products being used in areas where other similar competitor products have failed to meet the customers’ expectations. Each Hansen team member brings a great deal of pride and commitment to their role within the company. It is therefore with great anticipation each year that these fieldays are an opportunity to meet with local customers to discuss their experiences.

As part of that regional commitment, Hansen has continued on with a 7th year of sponsorship towards the Northland Fieldays, an ever expanding event that continues to increase in popularity each year. The Hansen team looks forward to further commitment to the Northland Fieldays for years to come, and the opportunity to meet with our valued customers.

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