Field Days
  The 2012 version of the South Island Field Days attracted a record crowd of over 31,000 people who entered through the gates to vist over 600 suppiler sites of new innovations & product.

A big topic of conversation around the Hansen site was the distribution of effluent and a liking for our sister company Irripod's low application irrigation & effluent distribution systems. Also again, as in past fieldays, the trough valve display proved to many of our site visitors the benefits of the new high flow Hansen Trough & Tank Valve range, with a large amount of product being sold. The Hansen site was also full of interactive working displays which attracted many farmers onto our site, enabling us to show them the dream. In regards to our New products we received a very positive response to the Level Alert Tank Level Indicator and the Leveller Tank/Reservoir Valve.

We find the positive thing about Waimumu is the people we talk to have come to the fieldays for a reason and are keen to learn and understand what Hansen has to offer. The Hansen site was situated within the CRT Village which attracts many visitors as the lane is well advertised and is used as a meeting point for a good majority of the farmers.

The Hansen site was voted best site within the CRT Village.
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