Hansen News
  The folks at Davidson's Engineering put the Hansen Easy Fit Pipe Fittings through their paces using the pressure/grip tester.    

The Hansen fitting grip/pressure tester is a quality control tool used to sample check the grip of the Easy Fit Pipe Fittings range of fittings on the various types of New Zealand L.D.P.E (low density polyethylene pipe to NZS 7601), Enduro Flex, Australian Rural B, Irish Imperial Pipe and a variety of suction and soft hoses for general use.

How It Works...
We fill the test pipe with water then pressurise it by pumping manually, taking each pipe up to its recommended maximum working pressure.
We then continue to pressurise the pipe until the pipe blisters (approx 4 to 5 times the recommended working pressure of the pipe). This demonstrates that the Hansen Easy Fit Pipe Fittings excellent grip technology makes them capable of staying on under extreme pressure.