Hansen News
  After 60 years in business, Hansen Products is extremely proud to be a Kiwi owned and operated business based in Whangarei. We also feel strongly about supporting the Northland Community and what better way than to become a Major Sponsor of the “Northland Taniwha’s”. We first became the back of the jersey sponsor in 2007 and since then haven’t looked back. We found sponsoring the Northland Taniwha’s fitted in superbly with our customers as what farmer doesn’t like rugby!! We found it also gave us an opportunity to travel around the country, have a beer and watch a good game of rugby with our customers.

We have enjoyed the last six seasons and all the opportunities, fun and excitement that comes with being a major sponsor of the Northland Taniwha’s.

Check out our photos of our staff around the country enjoying the game with their customers.
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